Okay, Sera.

I give up. You win. Clearly, you don’t want people to get pissed off at you, which is why you won’t say anything about Castiel/Misha returning, but it’s equally clear that, since you have nothing to say beyond the nonsensical-ness of “I can’t tell you anything now but I’ll tell you that I can tell you when I have something to tell you, lol, kay, bai” that you have no intention of setting any of Castiel’s fans’ minds at ease. You got back to basics, here. It’s just Sam and Dean again, being targeted by something huge, with no one to fall back on. Which honestly, isn’t something new for them — in fact, you really did go back to the way the show first was in Season 1 and 2. The boys didn’t have Bobby, but found John, and then they lost John, but gained Bobby, Ellen and Jo — and then lost Ellen and Jo again. I’m glad you’ve at least kept your word about this — about the boys getting back to their basics.

But unless you’re planning on giving Castiel a big huge honking “SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! LOOK SAM AND DEAN YOUR BEST BUDDY ISN’T REALLY DEAD” moment in the second half of the season, which, btw, is coming up REALLY fucking fast, this whole “I can’t tell you” thing — these two sentences about Cas when you gush and gush and gush about everything else — it hurts. You’re hurting fans by doing it. And I wish you would stop. At this point, I wish you would just honestly tell me that, “No, Misha will not be coming back, Castiel is really gone, the end,” because it’s so much better than getting yanked along on false hope that every time you say, “I can’t tell you yet” it possibly means “Misha will be back soon — we just don’t know when.”

You’re the showrunner, Sera. If you don’t know, then who does?

This is the article I’m referring to in the above. A majority of my comments here were statements made in the comments of the article that I wholeheartedly agree with.

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